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Bleach 573

I am the Edge

I can't figure out if this is surprise or what, alongside the choice of words MS used in the past to translate Yachiru's words about Ken-chan (that he "won't be around" any more, specifically)

I mean, we know that he's fresh out of his fight with Unohana -- could it be that Yachiru thought he was going to lose? (which seems like an impossible thing but then again we don't know very much about how Yachiru relates to people-who-aren't-Kenpachi for all we know Unohana was Mom to her for all intents and purposes - I have to wonder if the lack of a reaction from Yachiru is deliberate or if we're about to make a Shocking Discovery about her relationship with Unohana)

Isane ;-;

So Isane at least knew about it, I wonder who else did? I mean, we were led to believe that Ken-chan WAS Kenpachi until we found out that he'd just been using the name even though the original Kenpachi was still around. I kind of wondered back then if Kubo didn't just pull this plot development out of his ass for moar drama. I still kind of wonder if he didn't. XD

Ah, yes, you must be Captain Obvious.

What I find interesting here is that he didn't just make a ~stage materialise out of nowhere; he had to make it out of the surrounding materials. Unless that was a choice he made deliberately for flushing the small fries away from the battleground, why not just make a stage appear? Maybe this is a limitation to his power.

creepy dude I am pretty sure if you were #1 you'd have the #1 but all you have is #5 and you're not even as good-looking as Aomine /shot

also you are super creepy

Ken-chan will always be Ken-chan. ♥

Well actually I am pretty sure that if he just imagined "some material that Zaraki Kenpachi can't cut" that would do the trick..... >.>
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