not your typical annihilatrix (furiosity) wrote,
not your typical annihilatrix

Bleach 590

Marching Out the ZOMBIES

(Zombies had to be capslocked because dude. Zombies. Honestly tho I am so fucking sick of zombies at this point I wish for the fad to just. die.)

Well, if nothing else, she's an excellent judge of character. ^_^

Yumichika's priorities are, as always, A+

Wasn't the Tokyo Ordinance for the Protection of Youths supposed to prevent this kind of garbage nonsense in children's magazines

Well everyone is a peon except when it comes to matching wits, because Mayuri, your insult game is WEAK.

why is there a baby

what's that baby doing throwing its toys around

oh it's just Mayuri ultimate evolved form

carry on

all things considered, a very nice weapon to have when your opponents' weapons are literally reishi

but I am too distracted by the image of Mayuri sitting in his private quarters and painstakingly painting just the lower half of each of his fingernails

oh now it's a whole stockpile of zombies. marvellous.

seriously? says the dude who has slaughtered literally hundreds of his own subordinates for experiments and has displayed exactly zero remorse for it?

I know people are out there calling this "character development" but it's not fucking development if there's no reason for it ffs


(I hope this wasn't supposed to be a SURPRISE!!!! moment because lbr this has been coming for months)

(where's Grimmkitty)

Tags: fandom:bleach

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