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Japan \o/

I keep wondering what I should post about on here but it's like, wow, I haven't made a real post in an age and a half. There have been pretty huge changes in my life since I last properly updated but I don't really want to talk about those (not for any sad/bad reasons, I just don't wanna :Dv). Many things are still the same though -- I continue to be sports anime trash, for example. Though that's not really "the same" from this journal's POV, since "the same" here would be HP fannishness, and that's just not a part of my life the way it used to be, nor do I think it will be again*.

how do I bloge


I'm going to Japan in a couple of weeks so that inspired me to finally put up the photos from last spring's trip (other than the ones of my Free! fan trip to Iwami). They're all in a collection on flickr but mixed in with the 2011 trip photos (i only keep my flickr organised thematically) -- the newest albums are listed at the top, and a bunch of spring photos have been added to the Kōkyogaien and Ueno summer albums (the new ones are with all the cherry blossoms :D)

Anyway, some of my favs are under the cut.

[View from above depicting a cherry blossom tree over a tiled rooftop
View from a shrine atop a hill in Iwami, Tottori

[Sunlit farmhouse built in the architectural style of Japanese mountain dwellers, with slanted thatched roof.]
Replica farmhouse from Hida Folk Village, which is an open air museum that demonstrates how folk in Japan's mountain regions used to live.

[Wooden altar with seventeen featureless green and grey stone Buddha statuettes of varying sizes, wearing red and pink bibs.]
Tiny Buddha statues on an altar in Hida Folk Village.

[Cherry blossom tree branches in full bloom]
View outside the window of the apartment I was staying in (Azabu, Tokyo). Taken on March 29, 2014 (the morning after I arrived).

[Cherry blossom tree branches post-bloom, with most flowers gone.]
The above view but on April 6, 2014.

[A tall white vending machine offering fifteen flavours of ice cream.]
Ice cream vending machine in Tottori City.

[A floor to ceiling-sized (sitting down) patchwork quilt stuffed bear, with two chairs in front of it for children to pose. The patchwork's dominant colours are cream and brown.]
This might be the world's largest tedddy bear? I don't care, it's the world's GREATEST teddy bear. From Teddy Bear Eco Village which is the actual happiest place on earth.

[A bird's eye view of Tokyo, Japan.]
One of the many incredible views from the very top level of the Tokyo Skytree.

[A firepit built into a tatami floor with a decorative tea kettle, surrounded by sitting cushions. In the background are bookshelves, stuffed animals, and part of a kimono wall decoration.]
Guest reception area at our ryokan (Oyado Koto no Yume) in Takayama.

[A curve in a paved city street lined with sakura trees. A taxi is coming around the curve facing the camera.]
On the street outside Roppongi Hills.

[A replica Earth suspended from the ceiling at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. The surface is digitised and shows the continents and ocean currents.]
The replica globe at the Miraikan. There is an area below it with benches where you can lie down and just watch it turn.

[A blue sky seen through branches of two different sorts of sakura trees: one has flowers a deeper shade of pink than the other.]
Two kinds of sakura at the Imperial Palace garden.

[A wide path lined with tables and benches on one side and colourful food vendor stalls on the other, with sakura trees in the background.]
Food stalls in Ueno Park.

Hopefully after this year's trip I will upload the photos soon after I come back. ^^

*I am going to Leviosa though because, I mean. Vegas. July. Geeking out at a resort. 8) hmu if you are going/thinking of going!

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