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Japan Trip 2015!

So! I went to Japan last year, right around Golden Week, and I've finally gotten all the photos uploaded. \o/

I spent the first half of the journey in Kyushu, staying in Fukuoka right near Hakata Station and taking daytrips to:
The second half of the trip was with FRIENDS! longleggedgit met me in Okayama and we took a trip to BUNNY ISLAND / Ōkunoshima which was not quite as bunnyrrific as the videos would have you believe (perhaps because of the season), but we did get to hang out with a bunch of bunnies. On the way back we stopped in Mihara to eat (...we searched and searched and ended up at Saizeriya XD), and then walked around Kurashiki a bit. The next day we made our way to Osaka/Kyoto to attended a special Kuroko no Basuke event and then hightailed it (literally....) to Kobe to meet up with imadra_blue (J) and two of her JET friends. The next day L, J, and I went to Universal Studios Japan for some Attack on Titan and Harry Potter geekery.

I barely spent any time in Tokyo that time around and most of the photos I took there feature people and/or are on my phone which I'm always way too lazy to clean up. >.> I did take some photos in Shibuya while visiting the special Gintama store inside the PARCO there but it was only a handful (they are the daylight photos in the Shibuya album at the bottom of the page). Kawagoe, where I went to have dinner with longleggedgit and feikoi, was an unexpected highlight of the Tokyo-area portion of my visit.

Anyway, I want to post to LJ more but I also want to post to Tumblr more but I am also spectacularly obsessed with Elder Scrolls Online -- and on that note, it's almost raid night and I still have to fix dinner so I'm out.

(ETA: All the photos say they were taken in 2014 but that's because I am a GENIUS who told my new camera it was 2014...)
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