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Dear Yuletide Author [2016]

Thank you very much for writing for me! I am looking forward to your work. ♡^▽^♡

I’d prefer no extreme AUs for these fandoms, but future fics are totally fine. If you write ship-fic and one or more of the characters is under 18 at the time the story takes place, please keep the rating at PG-13 or lower.

- misunderstandings causing everything to become far more complicated than it needs to be
- first times
- kisses
- grand romantic gestures
- scene-setting and atmosphere
- domesticity / curtain fics
- kittens
- Jerks with Hearts of Gold
- happy endings; ambiguous endings

- heterosexual sex
- any relationship with overt personal or physical domination and/or submission (e.g. seme/uke dynamics or any approximation thereof)
- the absence of enthusiastic, unequivocal consent to sex at any point during an encounter
- underage sex (including when both characters are underage)
- most kinks but especially incest, Mpreg, BDSM, rape fantasy, bloodplay, breathplay, scat, watersports, felching, munging, necro, bestiality.

Elder Scrolls Online (Velsa, Narahni)
ESO is my current main obsession and has been since last summer. I play on PC NA and I'm on a raiding guild's core team; my main is a Nightblade tank. I have played through all of the content in the game and done all quests, including all DLCs, so please don't worry about spoiling me. Many quests I've done on more than one toon (I have 8). I'm kind of an achievement hunter (e.g. Master Angler is a title I can use); my /played (the PC command to see how long you've played a character) on my main is embarrassingly high, and I've never tried adding that to the /played on all my other toons. :D

Ever since TG dropped and I'd played through the main story quest, I really wanted to know more about Velsa and Narahni's story -- we get the gist of it through the quests that involve them and the in-game lore, but I would completely love to see any part of that story expanded -- the Technicolor version of how the two met, and/or how they fell in love, and/or how they planned their escape together, or Velsa's search for Narahni, or Narahni's life after Velsa had left. But if you want to look at their life together now that they've found each other again in the TESO era, that would be amazing too.

Kinda side note: Because I recently moved to work in Japan, my playtime's been drastically reduced and all I get to do these days is veteran Maw of Lorkhaj progression, which, while fun, gets kind of monotonous scenery-wise. I really miss PVP (those sprawling Cyrodiil landscapes, ahhh), fishing, doing pledges, flower-picking, thieving, joining world-boss groups, hunting for provisioning ingredients in delves, and just wandering around Tamriel taking screenshots of all the gorgeous scenery, watching the RP kids do their thing or NPCs go about their business. So while all the smart books are always like "only describe the most important aspects of your scene and don't over-describe", as for me, the more description you can do, the better. But if that's not your thing, that is totally OK too.

Handa-kun (Handa Sei, Kawafuji Takao)
I really love the innocence and humour of this series, and I relate to Handa kind of a lot. Barakamon was my first love, and if there's one criticism I'd make of Handa-kun, it's that there wasn't nearly enough interaction between Handa and Kawafuji. So I'd like to see more of their encounters during their school days. POV is up to you; I find Handa and Kawafuji equally appealing and either one's internal monologue is always a treat. I just really enjoy lifelong friendships, especially between people with more or less opposite personalities, so sky's the limit as far as setting/situation, etc goes. If you want to go the shippy route with them, that's totally awesome too.

World Trigger (Jin Yuuichi, Tachikawa Kei)
I'm only up to date on the anime, but manga spoilers are okay (especially since I probably won't know what is a spoiler and what is something that you've come up with xD). I love this series for its world-building and the breadth of possibilities it affords, as well as the varied cast. For the characters I requested, I really would like to see more background on how they came to be where they are with respect to each other -- whether it's in the form of a past!fic, canon-era fic that looks back on their friendship/rivalry/frenemies thing, or future fic that explores where they'll go from here. I ship them together so pairing them up would be great, but if you don't ship them, there's absolutely no need for shipfic.
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