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Gaming-related *headdesk*

I was taking a break from some major Harry-angst in a post-Hogwarts fic and started a new ToME character (female zombie wood-elf sniper, worshipper of Ulmo). This is why this game is so addictive and yet infuriating:

So I'm pickin' mushrooms, minding my own business, trying to avoid Farmer Maggot's dogs. La-di-da, life is peachy keen. I've done this thousands of times before, after all, the old "phase door, grab a mushroom, teleport, duck into the trees, run away a lot" strategy.

What's that red thing over there? A Kirinki! Harmless, so I ignore it.

Next turn, it shrieks (zomg!! I coded this damn monster, how could I forget it was a shrieker?) and wakes up the Boar of Everholt, who was lurking nearby. I'm out of scrolls so I can't teleport, and even with my tactics set to coward/running, I can't outrun it. Most importantly, I forget that I can simply go into wilderness mode and escape that way.

I'm sure reinforcements will get here on time. They promised. [Message the character got upon dying]


One damn arrow would have killed that Kirinki, but no. And the character was doing so well, too. *cries* Oh well, back to writing. :-P

*prods the gamers* Got any amusing stories to share?
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